One of my greatest responsibilities as a United States Senator is to assist my constituents who are having difficulties with the federal government. As an American citizen, your government should be working for you, and as one of your U.S. Senators, I am happy to help make that happen. Although I cannot require a federal agency to make a specific determination on your behalf, I am glad to assist you with cutting through the red tape.

I have professional staff in all of my Mississippi offices who are trained to work with you and these federal agencies.

If you require assistance, please call or write one of my offices. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, my office must first have formal authorization from you before making an inquiry to the federal government on your behalf. Please fill out the appropriate privacy release form and fax or mail a signed copy to my office.

Because of the Constitution’s separation of powers, I cannot assist in judicial or court matters, such as child custody, divorce, pending litigation, criminal trials, or imprisonment. Problems involving Mississippi state agencies – such as welfare or state taxes – are also outside my jurisdiction as a United States Senator. To inquire about state questions, you may want to visit the Mississippi state government website at

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