During my time in Congress, I have worked hard to provide additional funding for essential infrastructure projects across our state. Mississippi’s roads, railways, and waterways are important economic development tools. It is critical that we provide accessible and reliable roads and bridges for Mississippians to travel safely, especially the vital routes used for hurricane evacuation. In addition, we must also provide a way for our farmers and manufacturers to move their products to market. Our road, highway, transit, air, rail, and port systems are essential to accomplishing this goal.

As a member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, I am working to ensure our infrastructure continues to expand. I am a member of the Surface Transportation and Aviation Subcommittees, which have jurisdiction over important pieces of legislation, like the highway bill and the FAA reauthorization bill. In addition to this committee work, my office is working with state and local officials on projects to improve and maintain our transportation system well into the future.