Wicker Honored With 'True Blue' Award for Family-Focused Record

January 29, 2008

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) today was recognized as a “True Blue” Member of Congress by the Family Research Council for his consistent support of family-focused policies. 

“As an elected official, I consider it part of my responsibility to promote pro-family policies in Congress,” Sen. Wicker said.  “I was proud to do so as a member of the House, and I look forward to continuing that focus in the Senate.”

The award honors Members of Congress who have exhibited extraordinary leadership and commitment to the defense of family, faith, and freedom, according to FRC Action’s new scorecard covering House and Senate votes during the 1st session of the 110th Congress. Recipients of the award voted consistently for pro-life and pro-family issues.

In giving him the award, the Family Research Council noted that Sen. Wicker had a 100 percent record, meaning he voted in line with their pro-family position on each of the 16 roll call votes they scored. 

“The Members of the 110th Congress who received this award have been consistent, stalwart allies of American families,” said FRC Action President Tony Perkins.  “These Members are to be commended for supporting public policy that values human life, protects our religious liberties, and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family.”