Wicker Applauds Senate Action on Economic Stimulus Package

Senator cosponsors amendment that provides assistance to veterans and seniors, ensures illegal immigrants aren’t awarded

February 7, 2008

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Roger Wicker today praised an economic stimulus package approved by the Senate that will provide tax rebates for millions of Americans and tax incentives for small businesses aimed at spurring job creation. 

Prior to approving the package, the Senate approved an amendment cosponsored by Senator Wicker that expands eligibility to ensure that disabled veterans and their widows as well as low-income seniors receive rebate checks.  As initially drafted, the legislation omitted these groups, meaning they wouldn’t have been eligible for rebate checks.  The amendment also ensures that illegal immigrants do not receive rebate checks. 

“This bipartisan measure means that thousands of working families, disabled veterans and low-income seniors in Mississippi will be receiving rebates from the federal government in the months to come,” said Wicker.  “During this period of economic uncertainty, it’s important that Congress act swiftly to provide a boost to our economy.  I believe this stimulus package does so, and I encourage the House to concur quickly and send this legislation to the president for his signature.” 

Under the package, individuals would receive a $600 rebate check – $1,200 for couples – with an additional $300 for each child.  Eligibility would phase out for individuals with adjusted gross incomes of $75,000 and for couples making $150,000.  The package also includes tax incentives aimed at increasing business investment in order to spur job creation. 

Wicker also reiterated his support for extending provisions in the GO Zone Act of 2005 in order to aid reconstruction efforts in areas of the Gulf Coast struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast has made great strides towards rebuilding, but the federal government has to continue aggressively partnering in those efforts,” Wicker said.  “Extending the construction commencement date for bonus depreciation in the GO Zone is an integral part of that effort, and I remain committed to working with my colleagues to advance this goal.”