Cochran, Wicker Announce Over $11 Million for Mississippi Airports

April 8, 2008

WASHINGTON – Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker announced today that the Department of Transportation has released over $11 million in funding for airports across the state of Mississippi.  Funding for the grants, administered by the Federal Aviation Administration, was provided through the Fiscal Year 2008 Transportation, Treasury, and Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill. 

“Our airports are critical to our state’s ability to support and attract both small rural businesses and large industry,” said Sen. Cochran.  “We must continue to build and maintain our aviation infrastructure to compete in today’s global economy.  I am pleased that the federal government continues to recognize the need for assistance in Mississippi.”    

“Local airports are an asset to both large and rural communities in Mississippi,” Sen. Wicker said.  “This federal funding will help strengthen these airports and their community’s economic development efforts by increasing safety and efficiency through improved airport infrastructure”

Funds have been awarded to the following airports:

  • Indianola Municipal - $132,363 for the instillation of airfield guidance signs, and rehabilitation of runway.  New markers will enhance safety and operations at the airport by improving the visibility of the runway to pilots.
  • Holly Springs-Marshall County Municipal - $288,282 for the expansion of the existing apron. This expansion is to  accommodate a growing number of aircraft that utilize the airport.
  • Hollandale Municipal - $444,963 for the installation of airfield guidance signs, installation of miscellaneous NAVAIDS, and the installation of a runway
  • Stennis International Airport- $263,266 for the improvement of airport drainage
  • Poplarville-Pearl River County Municipal - $197,362 for the expansion of the apron, and extension of the taxiway.
  • Belzoni Municipal- $148,960 for the construction of two new hangars at the airport.
  • Brookhaven-Lincoln County - $289,670 for the construction of a new hangar at the airport.
  • Copiah County Airport - $92,250 for the construction of the runaway.
  • Hardy-Anders Field Natchez-Adams County - $111,240 for the expansion of the apron.
  • Bruce Campbell Field - $256,500 to install apron lighting and taxiway lighting.
  • Paul Pittman Memorial - $159,245 for the construction of a new hangar at the airport.
  • Yazoo County Airport - $162,089 for the expansion of the apron at the airport.
  • Poplarville-Pearl River County Airport - $197,362 for the expansion of the apron and taxiway at the airport.
  • Crosby Municipal -  $139,175 for the application of a seal coat to the runway, taxiway, and apron. The application of the seal coat will extend the service life of the pavement.
  • C. A. Moore Airport in Lexington- $197,600 to construct a terminal building, install perimeter fencing, and install a runway.
  • Hollandale Municipal- $ 444,963 to install airfield guidance signs, miscellaneous NAVAIDS, and a runway.
  • Ruleville-Drew Airport -  $120,764 to construct a terminal building, improve airport drainage, and install miscellaneous NAVAIDS.
  • Fletcher Field - $111,240 to acquire land for development. Airport ownership of this property will allow the airport to keep this area free of obstructions, which will enhance the operational safety of the airport.
  • Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional - $546,250 to construct an access road and install guidance signs. The new signs will enhance operational safety by providing better information to pilots using the airport.
  • Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Municipal - $58,900 for drainage improvements at the airport. These improvements will reduce the existing erosion problems and will result in more efficient drainage during heavy rainfall.
  • Prentiss-Jefferson Davis County Airport - $296,465 for the construction of a new hangar at the airport.
  • Tunica Municipal - $741,606 to purchase a loading ramp, conduct an aeronautical survey of the approach, and to support the design of a terminal building at the airport. The existing building is not adequate to accommodate the current and future needs of the airport.
  • Golden Triangle Regional - $741,606 to expand the terminal building, install perimeter fencing and update the airport’s master plan.