Cochran and Wicker Announce FEMA Funds for Community Shelter in Pike County

MEMA Also Receives Reimbursement Funds for Hurricane Katrina Response Costs

December 3, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker today announced the award of a $2.43 million Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant to construct a community shelter in Pike County.

In addition to the shelter project, the Senators also reported the recent approval of a $7.36 million FEMA grant to reimburse the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for emergency medical service costs incurred after Hurricane Katrina.

“FEMA continues to work with Mississippi on Hurricane Katrina recovery, as well as projects like the Pike County community shelter that will help protect Mississippians in future emergencies and natural disasters,” said Cochran, the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and a member of the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee.

“This funding represents another step in the federal government’s ongoing effort to help Mississippi rebuild from Katrina, while also ensuring our state’s citizens are protected from future storms and other emergencies,” said Wicker.

The two grants to Mississippi were approved by FEMA, in consultation with congressional appropriations committees.

The Pike County community shelter, which will cost an estimated $3.24 million, will be constructed at 2017 Quinlivan Road in Magnolia.  The 10,000-square-foot facility will be designed to withstand the high winds associated with tornadoes and hurricanes.  Once completed, it should be able to accommodate 1,000 people for up to 36 hours.

The MEMA award will allow the state agency to reimburse the state of Florida for more than $7.36 million in costs associated with emergency, medical and health services provided in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The FEMA funding was provided through the Public Assistance grant program.