Wicker Supports Defense Funding Bill

Measure Provides Pay Raise For Troops, Resources Needed to Succeed in Afghanistan & Iraq

December 21, 2009

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., voted Saturday morning in support of the FY 2010 defense appropriations bill.  The measure was approved by the Senate and now heads to the White House to be signed into law:

“This legislation advances our national security interests in a number of ways, most notably by providing funding to protect our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Wicker said.  “The bill also recognizes the continued sacrifice and service of our men and women in uniform by providing them with a well-deserved pay raise.”  

The defense bill funds a wide range of national security programs.  Of note, it includes $6.2 billion for armored vehicles designed to protect our troops from roadside bombs and other attacks.  The measure also provides a 3.4 percent across-the-board pay raise for all uniformed service personnel effective January 1, 2010. 
Sen. Wicker serves as the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Seapower Subcommittee.