Wicker Says Stimulus Bill is Wrong Approach for Taxpayers, Economy

Wicker: “This plan fails American taxpayers by spending money we do not have on things that will not create jobs quickly.”

February 10, 2009

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today said the massive spending plan approved in the Senate spends too much taxpayer money without providing needed economic recovery assistance.  The $838 billion plan will cost $1.2 trillion when the cost of interest is included.  Wicker said he supports an alternative plan that would have cost half as much and stimulated economic growth by providing relief to taxpayers, small businesses, and homeowners. 

“The 600,000 jobs lost last month across our country underscore the need for something to be done to strengthen our economy and help American workers get back on their feet,” Wicker said.  “The bill voted on today unfortunately misses the mark.  This plan fails American taxpayers by spending money we do not have on things that will not create jobs quickly.” 

Wicker said the debate was not about whether to pass a stimulus bill, but rather what kind of plan should be approved.  “I support a stimulus bill, but not one that wastes taxpayer money, unnecessarily grows our already ballooning national debt, and permanently expands the cost and scope of the federal government,” he said.  “That is not the way to proceed if we want to put our economy on a long-term path of growth and prosperity.   

“I supported an alternative plan that was more focused on the housing problem and tax relief for working families and job creators.  This plan would have provided a needed economic boost at half the cost to taxpayers,” Wicker said. 

Sen. Wicker last week voted for an alternative plan, sponsored by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that spent half as much as the proposal passed today in the Senate.  The plan, defeated on a party-line 57-40 vote, focused on working-class and small business tax relief, along with targeted infrastructure investments and incentives to help fix the housing problem. 

To read the transcript of Sen. Wicker’s speech about the economic stimulus proposal, click here