Wicker Says President’s Budget Cuts are ‘Too Little, Too Late’

February 14, 2011

Washington, DC – Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), today made the following statement after the President delivered his suggested annual budget to Congress.

“Our nation faces a $1.5 trillion deficit this fiscal year, and the American people want Congress and the President to make meaningful spending cuts,” said Wicker.  “The President’s suggested cuts are too little, too late, and his plan to raise taxes would hamper our fragile economic recovery.  It is now up to Congress to provide the leadership needed to reduce federal spending and put us on a path toward fiscal responsibility.” 

The President’s 216-page budget proposal totaled $3.73 trillion for the coming fiscal year, which begins in October.  Over ten years, the President’s budget includes $8.7 trillion in new federal spending.  Instead, Wicker advocates capping spending at pre-bailout 2008 levels.

Wicker continues to call on his colleagues in the Senate to cut their office budgets by at least five percent in 2011.  While only a beginning, Wicker said the commitment would signal a change for the better in Washington.

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