Wicker Amendment to Recognize Israel’s Iron Dome Added to Defense Bill

November 30, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) today applauded Senate leaders for agreeing to include an amendment he authored to the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act.  Wicker’s measure recognizes the success of Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield in the wake of recent rocket attacks.  Senators Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) co-sponsored the amendment.

“Throughout this year, and especially during the past week prior to the recent ceasefire, we have witnessed the citizens of Israel suffer from a continual barrage of missiles, rockets, and mortar shells from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip,” said Wicker.  “The Iron Dome system’s success has protected civilians living in Israel’s population centers targeted by these rockets.  The Senate has a record of standing with Israel.  This amendment continues that long-held commitment of support.”

The Iron Dome missile defense program utilizes sophisticated radar technology to track short-range rockets, allowing an Israeli missile to intercept the attack.  The first Iron Dome battery was deployed last year.  There are a total of five batteries currently operational in Israel.

A copy of Wicker’s amendment can be downloaded here.  

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