Wicker Statement on Netanyahu Address

March 3, 2015

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., issued the following statement after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress:

“Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu occupies a unique vantage point to address the dangers posed by a nuclear Iran and Islamic extremists. In his historic address, he reminded the world that Iran is a volatile nation with dangerous aims and direct ties to terrorist groups.

“Last week, Secretary John Kerry, the Administration’s chief negotiator with Iran, said, ‘We are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans.’ The following day, National Intelligence Director James Clapper offered a stark contrast to Secretary Kerry’s rosy report, noting that last year was the most lethal year for global terrorism since 1970. If the Administration cannot agree on the threats America faces, then how can we be assured that the risk of a nuclear Iran will be confronted in a meaningful way?

“It is no wonder, then, why Israel and many members of Congress have grave concerns about the ongoing talks regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

“Israel remains one of America’s closest allies, and its security is imperative to U.S. interests and the future stability of the region.  The bonds of our countries’ long-standing partnership should not be jeopardized by the Administration’s cold shoulder.  As Mr. Netanyahu has stated, Israel is ‘a bipartisan issue.’  Israel deserves our continued support, commitment, and respect.”