Wicker: Senate Approves Temporary Gov’t Funding Bill

Chamber Passes Measure After Democrats Drop Objections to ‘Clean’ Spending Bill

September 28, 2016

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today issued the following statement after the Senate approved a measure to fund the federal government through December 9. Today’s development comes after Senate Democrats overwhelmingly objected to the same measure yesterday.

“It bears repeating that the Senate Appropriations Committee did its work this year and did so without increasing spending. Every appropriations bill was reported out of the committee. Ten of those bills received unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats. Only when those bills reached the Senate floor did Harry Reid and Senate Democratic leadership blow up the appropriations process in the name of election-year politics.

“House and Senate Republicans worked in good faith to avert a government shutdown and overcome that obstruction. Flood relief for our friends in Louisiana will soon be on the way, as will $1.1 billion in Zika funding to help curb the spread of the disease. The bill also includes $37 million for opioid addiction and recovery. This is all being done within the budget caps that were set last year.”