Wicker to Fox Business: ‘Fast Track to Tax Cuts’

Miss. Senator Discusses Latest on Tax Reform Efforts in Congress

October 25, 2017

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today appeared on Fox Business to discuss the latest on congressional efforts to advance tax cuts for working families and job creators.

Key excerpts of Wicker’s interview include:

“Clearly our tax system is out of date and doesn’t serve the purpose of economic growth or job creation. We are on the verge with a good vote in the House, probably tomorrow, to move with our Senate-passed budget. That will save us three weeks and put us on the fast track toward getting a tax cut for job creators and more take-home pay for American workers.”

“I am result-oriented, and I am very pleased that the President spent so much time yesterday talking about the results that this administration, with the help of this Congress, has gotten in the first nine months, including a whole sea change on the federal court.”

“We are about to deliver some real tax reform, tax cuts to the average American middle-class worker, and if we do this, we are going to give a jolt to the economy the likes of which we haven't seen in eight or 10 years.”