Wicker Celebrates Economic Development Projects

New Video Highlights Senator’s Work on Mississippi Infrastructure

August 29, 2023

JACKSON, MISS. – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today released a new video highlighting his work on economic development projects in Mississippi. The video features the senator’s recent visits to Hattiesburg and Madison County for the groundbreaking of two infrastructure projects supported by federal funds.

During the video, the senator highlighted the benefits of long-term investments for growth in Mississippi. Senator Wicker, along with other members of the Mississippi congressional delegation, has been a champion of both the Hall Avenue West Overpass and Madison County Reunion Interchange projects.

The senator has been a strong advocate for hard infrastructure projects in the state. Both projects will ease traffic for the communities, increase safety, and support job creation.

See below for a full transcript of the video. For more information on these projects, see Senator Wicker’s column here.


NEWS ANCHOR: Drivers in Madison will soon have an easier way around the city. Reunion Parkway will connect I-55, Highway 51, and Bozeman Road.

SENATOR WICKER: This means jobs for Mississippians. This means safety. And this will save lives.

SENATOR HYDE-SMITH: This is a growing area, and this is so needed for this area. And the people of Madison County have just turned out today to celebrate progress, prosperity. But it’s vision from this county that has brought us here.

SENATOR WICKER: This is the kind of federal program that the taxpayers see a benefit in. This is going to get us back on track.

NEWS ANCHOR: Big day for Hattiesburg. Construction of the western portion of the city’s Hall Avenue overpass project has begun.

MAYOR BARKER: Gone are the days when these neighborhoods are completely cut off from other parts of the city, when a train is across the tracks. And the biggest reason we are here today is because of a statesman named Roger Wicker.

SENATOR WICKER: The fact that we’ve got some beams that are about to be installed and we’re able to sign our name to them, it is a sign to me that really this is about to take shape. When you show the public that an asset is being built, and it rises from the ground and they see what their tax dollars are paying for. The people are glad for this type of economic development and job creation.