Senator Wicker Praises $10 Billion Investment in Madison County

Largest Economic Development Project in State History

January 25, 2024

WASHINGTON – Governor Tate Reeves announced a $10 billion economic development project, the largest in Mississippi’s history, in Madison County that will create 1,000 jobs. Two hyperscale data centers will be built on two industrial park sites.

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., released the following statement in response after the deal was finalized today:

“Our state has proven yet again that our business climate can support the environment needed to meet 21st century needs. While Mississippi was a prime location because of our unique fiber cable intersection, our workforce was paramount,” Senator Wicker said. “As we become more dependent on technology, companies need the infrastructure to meet demand. We hope this is the beginning of a technology industry ecosystem and continued investment in Mississippi. This project will require more stakeholder engagement to get it to the finish line and I look forward to helping get it done.”

A hyperscale data center houses critical computer and network infrastructure for larger data-producing companies. Meaning, companies such as Google or Amazon can tap into their processing power to deliver services to customers around the world. There are also other business sectors that would benefit from close proximity to data storage capacity, fast internet, and improved access.

Last week, Senator Wicker released a statement after the second-largest economic development project in Mississippi history was finalized.