Senator Wicker Statement on U.S. Retaliatory Strike on the Houthis via Yemen

January 11, 2024

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement in response to reported U.S. strikes on Houthi targets after more than 25 attacks on U.S. Navy warships and commercial shipping in the Red Sea by the organization:

“This strike was two months overdue, but it is a good first step toward restoring deterrence in the Red Sea. I appreciate that the administration took the advice of our regional commanders and targeted critical nodes within Houthi-controlled Yemeni territory. It is important that we follow this action in close consultation with our Saudi partners to ensure they are with us as the situation develops.”

“This strike does not change the basic facts: for weeks, the Houthis have launched drones and missiles at our sailors, while the Biden administration has trumpeted a maritime task force. The Houthi organization, backed by Iran, has for weeks wrought havoc without any significant response. They have disrupted global shipping in a critical commercial sea lane and targeted sophisticated Navy warships. This is having a severe impact on our military and the global economy,” Senator Wicker said. “It is time to dispense with the hollow talk of ‘joint resolutions’ and ‘maritime task forces.’ This strike should be a warning to the Houthis and other Iranian proxies that they will suffer catastrophic consequences from escalation in the region.”