Senator Wicker Secures Topline Increase in NDAA Markup

Will increase defense investment by $25 billion

June 14, 2024

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., secured a $25 billion increase to the defense budget topline during the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) consideration of the Fiscal Year 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The Wicker amendment was adopted on a bipartisan basis and would increase defense investment for FY2025 by $25 billion.

Senator Wicker, the highest-ranking Republican on SASC, released the following statement:

“This is a significant win for our national security. Two weeks ago I released a proposal for increased spending on vital national security needs. I hope that proposal and this week's legislation can be part of a continuing national conversation. My amendment to increase the budget topline is a down payment, and it keeps advancing the discussion. Negotiations need a starting point, and this is not the end. I will not give up on reaching a defense level that meets the moment,” Senator Wicker said.

In recent weeks, Senator Wicker has amplified his call for a generational investment to prevent another world war. He has highlighted how the axis of aggressors and their threats are already upon us, that there is no time to waste, and why we needed to get started this year with corrective action.

The NDAA is not subject to the Fiscal Responsibility Act caps.