Wicker Problem-Solves for Mississippians

Wicker Helps Mississippians With Federal Agencies

July 8, 2024

In my role as a U.S. Senator, my most visible work involves crafting legislation, speaking on the Senate floor, and visiting sites around Mississippi. But much of the important work happens behind the scenes, when I help constituents who are having trouble with a federal government bureaucracy.

Mississippians know how difficult it can be to get timely assistance from federal government agencies. Part of my job is to help you cut through the red tape.

Your Advocate Before the Federal Government

In meetings with constituents and in messages sent to my office, I get the chance to learn about the problems Mississippians are facing and how I can assist.

Sometimes, families are preparing for trips abroad, but they have encountered a passport issue that threatens their travels. In other cases, I have heard from Mississippians looking for their family members’ military records. I have helped them receive the service awards their loved ones earned. Other constituents have experienced issues with Social Security, Medicare, or Veterans Affairs benefits. The Internal Revenue Service recently announced that only one in three callers ever gets to talk with a representative. That fact would come as no surprise to those who have contacted me with questions about their taxes.

These are just a sample of the issues Mississippians raise with my office. All of them demonstrate why Americans need an advocate before these federal departments. Last year, my staff and I helped advance over 2,500 assistance cases.

My staff members are experts at navigating the complex maze of government services. Although I cannot direct a federal agency to make a specific determination on a constituent’s behalf, my team has the know-how and contacts to make sure your case is a priority.

Ways to Access My Office’s Help

Mississippians can submit assistance requests in a number of ways. They can call, email, or send physical mail to any of the addresses listed on my website, wicker.senate.gov. Those who would like to visit my staff in-person can do so at any of my offices, which are located in Hernando, Tupelo, Gulfport, and Jackson.

My staffers constantly crisscross the state, visiting community events, business meetings, and other important gatherings. In these forums, they get to hear directly about issues Mississippians are facing. Of course, I am always glad to welcome constituents to my Washington, D.C., office.

Government Should Work for Its People

I am committed to making government work for Mississippians. It is not only the right thing to do but also at the core of our American values.

The United States just celebrated July 4th, the day our Founding Fathers declared independence from King George III. The founders wrote that the government draws its “powers from the consent of the governed.” When they published that, they aimed to end a system in which the government was not particularly accountable to the people. They set in motion a series of events that changed everything. For over two hundred years, Americans have passed down that tradition of self-governance. I will continue doing my part, putting Mississippians’ priorities in front of the federal agencies.